Experience the life-changing power of a whole-food, plant-based diet, as you become more confident and competent in the kitchen, more knowledgeable about nutrition, and more mindful in all areas of life. 


Learn to prepare delicious meals that are satisfying and nourishing, from wholesome, natural ingredients.

Healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive.

With some expert guidance, you can prepare your own yummy meals without ever feeling deprived, and still do right by your body.

Live Healthier

Prepare and eat several healthier meals each week, making a whole-food, plant-based diet a consistent part of your lifestyle

Prevent Illness

Dramatically reduce your risk of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the US, and do the same for your family

Build Knowledge

Learn why a whole-food, plant-based diet is healthful and be sure you aren't missing any details... or nutrients

Eat Your Fill...

And still drop excess weight as a happy side effect, because the nutrients and volume of whole plant foods are high, while the calories are low

Stop "Dieting"

When a whole-food, plant-based diet becomes your lifestyle, you can halt the cycle of over-indulgence followed by intense restriction

Shift Perspective

As your tastes adapt and change, you'll find yourself naturally craving healthier foods and willfully declining junk food

Course includes:

Plant-Based Recipes

4-5 per week, with step-by-step cooking instructions and shopping lists to eliminate guesswork

Nutrition Education

Daily bite-sized lessons on the health benefits of plants, backed by scientific evidence

Preparation Strategies

Learn small weekend tasks to set you up for a healthier week ahead

Mindfulness Lessons

Start or develop your daily meditation practice to bring awareness to all areas of life

Kitchen How-To's

Learn food prep and cooking techniques for following recipes and improvising on your own

Community & Support

A private group for food photo sharing, Q&A, accountability and encouragement

Who is this course for?

Fresh Start was designed for:

  • Omnivores who want to add plant-based meals to their weekly rotation
  • Vegans or vegetarians who rely heavily on processed foods and wish to learn more recipes using whole-food ingredients
  • Those who have heard about the benefits, but are afraid they'll miss their favorite foods, be lacking in important nutrients, or feel deprived on a plant-based diet
  • People who have put self-care on the back burner for too long and want to take back control of their health
  • Those who tend to feel drained and wish they had more energy
  • Anyone who wants to be better informed of the science-based benefits of a plant-based diet
  • Animal lovers who have a hard time reconciling this with eating meat, and who would be thrilled if they could feel healthy and satisfied with their meals, without harming other sentient beings
  • Environmentalists and nature lovers who are aware of the toll animal agriculture takes on the planet, but who need guidance on how to shift their diet

Your Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach

Stefanie Ramsden Dougherty is a plant-based lifestyle coach, recipe developer, cooking instructor and nutrition educator with a certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.

She founded Green Sage to offer guidance to those wishing to transition to a healthier plant-based diet and lifestyle.

Stefanie welcomes clients with kindness, optimism, honesty and zero judgment, no matter where they currently are in the journey.

Her approach is characterized by a gradual, manageable shift to using more whole-food ingredients in daily home cooked meals, while simultaneously cultivating habits that bring more mindfulness to everyday life.

Connect with Stefanie on Instagram (@greensagelife) or Facebook. She always welcomes questions and inquiries.

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