I'm Stefanie Dougherty, plant-based cooking instructor and nutrition educator.

I'll help you skip the learning curve and fast-forward directly to making healthy, plant-based meals a regular part of your everyday life.

No matter where you are with your current diet, and whether or not you're ready to go fully plant-based, I'm here to help.

This is always a judgment-free zone.


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"I can cook. I have time to cook. I enjoy cooking for my family. These are three sentences I have never uttered until Stefanie's coaching changed my life forever for the good.

I used to be an eat-to-live type of person, and now I LOVE TO EAT. I never knew I would enjoy food this much."

- Gina S.

"My husband and I were instructed by our doctors to make some 'dietary changes' to improve our healthWe decided to try Stefanie's program this past fall, and we were so impressed.

We love her non-judgemental approach, her passion to share her knowledge, and we LOVE the results!

The recipes are clear and well-planned for our busy lifestyle. I'm learning all about new ingredients, new techniques and new flavors!"

- Mary F.

Thai Green Curry with Vegetables and Tempeh

Curried Roasted Carrot Lentil Soup

Featured Ingredient: Bok Choy

Your best plant-based life awaits

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