Live via Zoom

Food has a wonderful way of bringing people together

Try this fun, unique way to connect with friends, co-workers, or clients

Meet up virtually with your private group, and learn to cook a healthy, delicious plant-based meal from the comfort of home.



Small virtual group class

A Green Sage Meetup Class is like having your own semi-private instructor in your kitchen, showing you step-by-step how to cook an amazing plant-based meal of your choice.

The atmosphere is friendly, social and educational. Participants are free to ask any questions as they arise, and get answers immediately.

Class length varies depending on the recipe chosen, but is usually 60 to 90 minutes.

Shopping list & guide

Your group will have a dedicated website page accessible only to registrants, where they can view the ingredient shopping list, so they'll have time to hit the supermarket or order online in advance.

Any uncommon ingredients will be explained, including links for ordering specialty items that might be difficult to find in person.

Printable recipe

Participants will have the option to download a PDF of the recipe that can be printed out.

This will make it easier to follow along with the live class, and of course you can keep it for future reference, as well.

Access to a replay

By request in advance, a replay can be made available to your guests who are unable to make the live event (surcharge applies).


A virtual cook-along meetup is a wonderful way to re-connect with friends and family, whether it's a long-distance reunion, or a girls' night gathering over cocktails once the kids are in bed.

It also makes a fun, memorable special event for client or employee appreciation, or company team building.



Chana Masala

A wonderful weeknight dinner that's surprisingly quick and simple, this one is almost guaranteed to become part of your regular meal rotation.

Miso Vegetable Ramen

Skip the takeout and make a healthy, delicious bowl of piping hot noodles & veggies yourself. Once you learn, you'll come back to this again and again.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Bake a batch of these healthy, delicious treats on a weekend, and have breakfast or snacks all ready to go for the week ahead. Sure to become a favorite!

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

A delicious twist on an Italian favorite. This one's especially gourmet when tossed with a plant-based Sage Cream Sauce.

Strawberry Shortcake

Why not treat yourself to this dessert with a flute of port wine? Schedule it for an evening, once dinner's done and the kids are in bed!

Thai Coconut Curry

Everyone love a good Thai dish, and once you learn to make this yourself, you'll happily return to it regularly!

Additional options available

Once you book your live Zoom cook-along meetup, Stefanie will contact you to schedule your event date and help you choose the best dish to suit your group.


Make meals exciting again

Change things up with a new recipe your family devour happily

Kickstart healthy eating

Boost your confidence and get inspired in the kitchen

Guidance and feedback

Skip the trial and error with instant answers to your questions

Expand your horizons

Add flavorful new ingredients to your pantry & learn to use them

Bridge the gap

Enjoy time together when distance or circumstances keep you apart

Have fun and connect

Treat friends, family, clients, or colleagues to a memorable experience



Once you've registered, we'll choose a date and menu option that works best for you

Private Live Zoom Cook-Along Class


Flat rate up to 10 people

  • Live Zoom cook-along class, 60-90 minutes
  • Plant-based recipe of your choice, selected from the Green Sage menu 
  • Step-by-step cooking instruction, Q&A
  • Additional invited guests beyond ten participants: $10 per person
  • Event date scheduled upon registration
  • Grocery list and shopping guide in advance
  • Printable PDF download of the recipe
  • Video replay made available upon request (arranged in advance, surcharge applies)
  • Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated (gluten-free, soy-free, allergies, etc.)