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Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree

I'll show you two ways (oven and Instant Pot) to make your own from scratch using fresh pumpkin. It's super simple and so delicious!


Quick Tip: Keep Berries Fresher Longer

Do this as soon as you bring your berries home from the market, and they'll stay fresh for up to two weeks in some cases!


One Nutrient You Absolutely Need Every Day

The average American woman gets about half the daily minimum, but if you get the optimal amount each day, you can cut your risk of breast cancer by nearly a third.


The Sunshine Vitamin

What's the best way to get Vitamin D, and how much do you really need?


Vitamin C: Branching Out

Most people think of oranges. But there are so many delicious foods brimming with this important nutrient. Here are a few of my favorite sources.


Want to Get Started with a Plant-Based Diet?

Here it is, my personal recommendation and top tip for easing your way into the world of plant-based living.


The Green Sage Quarantine Cooking Handbook

About my new ebook

I designed The Green Sage Quarantine Handbook to help you cook an unlimited number of healthy, delicious, plant-based meals using the ingredients you have on hand.

It's a choose-your-own adventure approach to home cooking that gives you the flexibility to improvise creatively, while giving you the structure you need to ensure it turns out great, every time.

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"Stefanie's Fresh Start course taught me to how to cook in a way that aligns with my values, and to make wholesome and delicious plant-based meals for myself and my family."

- Bree S.

Pumpkin Marble Muffins

Mint Chip 'Shamrock Shake' Smoothie

2020 Meaningful Gift Guide

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