One-on-One Mentorship

This six-week custom program provides expert guidance and personalized support on your journey to optimal health


Cook Healthfully

Learn to make healthier plant-based meals a consistent part of your everyday life

Prevent Illness

Dramatically reduce your risk of chronic disease, and do the same for your loved ones

Build Knowledge

Learn why a plant-based diet is healthful and ensure you aren't missing any details or nutrients

Stop Dieting

Halt the cycle of over-indulgence followed by intense restriction, eating wholesome, filling meals


It's time to prioritize self-care again. Regain energy, improve your health, shop and eat with confidence, lose excess weight, and learn to cook amazing meals the whole family will devour.

The Green Sage one-on-one mentorship program includes:

Introductory consultation call

to assess your current diet, lifestyle and goals, and formulate a plan for the program

New recipes weekly

tailored to suit your unique dietary preferences, goals, lifestyle, and time availability

Weekly shopping lists

so you know exactly what to buy at the market without the guesswork

Organizational guidance

advice on stocking and maintaining a healthful pantry and creating a binder of your favorite recipes

Nutrition lessons

backed by hard scientific research data, so you can feel confident about your plant-based food choices

Weekend prep tips

to help you flow through busy weekdays with greater ease

Weekly check-ins

phone or video calls with Stefanie to stay on track and get answers to your questions, plus access to SOS assistance, if needed

Helpful tools & resources

an ingredient buying guide, kitchen tools & appliance recommendations and more

Mindfulness coaching

lessons on mindfulness practices that help you make consistent healthier choices

Additional savings

a 50% discount on optional add-on services, including private yoga instruction, guided meditation lessons, and live video cooking lessons

Let's work together

Your new, healthier lifestyle is within reach

Mentorship clients are accepted upon completion of a brief application and introductory consultation

Take the first step now!

Thai Green Curry with Vegetables and Tempeh

Refreshing Mint Chip Green Smoothie

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Your best plant-based life awaits

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