Cooking & Composting Combo Class

Take your sustainable plant-based lifestyle to the next level

Live via Zoom
Saturday, November 7th
11 am to 1 pm PT

This deliciously educational workshop includes:

Plant-Based Cooking Class

Learn to prepare delicious, seasonal Pumpkin Curry

Vermicomposting Workshop

Then turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich compost



Stefanie Dougherty
Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach

Stefanie is a recipe developer, cooking instructor, and nutrition educator serving as your guide in the shift to a more wholesome, plant-centered diet.

In this class, she'll teach you to make a delicious, comforting Pumpkin Curry dish {vegan, gluten-free} that's sure to become one of your fall favorites!

Kelsey Allan
Sustainability Educator

Kelsey teaches conscious driven humans how to improve their health and environment through sustainability and cooking workshops.

She'll show you step-by-step how to ceate your own vermicomposting bin at home, to transform your food scraps into nutrient-rich, eco-friendly compost.



Here's what you'll learn in this exclusive combo class on Saturday, November 7th:

Pumpkin Curry Cooking Class
11 am to noon

Cook along with the group and learn to make this yummy vegan, gluten-free dish from whole food ingredients.

  • Receive a shopping list and buying guide in advance
  • Watch and learn step-by-step, from veggie prep, to cooking and serving tips
  • Ask questions as they come up, in an interactive small-group lesson format
  • Make new likeminded friends and enjoy a delicious lunch you've cooked yourself, while you learn about composting

Worms Eat My Waste: Composting 101
Noon to 1 pm

Stop throwing your food waste in the landfill, and create free, nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden or houseplants.

  • Learn why you should care about composting and why it is SO important for the environment
  • The pros and cons of the different types of composting methods
  • How to compost with worms and love food waste!
  • How to set up, care for, and maintain your worm composting bin
  • How to harvest and use your compost



Why is this good for the planet?

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Animal agriculture contributes significantly to the greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming.

Modern livestock farming practices pollute the air and waterways, and when forests are cleared for pastureland, it diminishes the earth's ability to trap carbon from the atmosphere, further accelerating the climate crisis.

Each day you maintain a plant-based diet, you save 1100 gallons of fresh water, 45 pounds of grain otherwise fed to animals, 30 sq ft of forestland from being cleared, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent from being emitted into the atmosphere, and one animal’s life.

Benefits of Home Composting

Americans produce hundreds of millions of tons of trash every year, and food waste & yard debris account for a third of it.

When organic waste enters a landfill, it becomes a problem, because as it decomposes it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

When food waste is composted, it becomes a resource instead -- one that improves soil quality and the nutrient density of new food it's used to grow.

Composting with worms (vermicomposting) is one of the simplest, most effective ways to make a BIG positive impact on the environment.

You can maintain your bin indoors, without any odor. It's simple, low-maintenance (because the worms do most of the work for you), and you can have incredibly rich compost within weeks of starting!

It's also a fun, family-friendly activity with lots of built-in lessons for kids, like decomposition and microbiology, protecting the environment, and taking care of living critters.


Expand your impact

We'll donate $5 of your ticket price to Barn Sanctuary

Barn Sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected farmed animals by creating a safe haven where these individuals can recover, thrive, and serve as an example for why we strive to lead society towards a plant-based lifestyle.

Bring your sustainable lifestyle to the next level, and do your part to live in harmony with the Earth and all its inhabitants

This virtual workshop was created for people like you who love to eat well, are always seeking to learn more, and who genuinely want to be better stewards of our planet.

Join us November 7th and add your beautiful energy to the group.

We can't wait to cook with you, and share our knowledge and enthusiasm for these important topics!


Two Amazing Classes, Bundled with a Discount

Be quick and reserve your spot now!

This is an awesome opportunity to learn and multiply your positive impact on the planet.

Don't miss out!


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