Celebrate joyfully,

without sabotaging your health

Healthier Holidays Survival Guide is a 7-week online course that walks you through the season with meditation lessons, mindfulness reminders, life hacks, and of course amazing plant-based recipes for all your celebrations


Course dates:

Monday, November 16, 2020 through January 1, 2021

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The holiday season can be a reflection of your ideals, a special time of year when the things you value most receive your fullest attention.

Prepare yourself mentally.

Get out ahead of the season, with a clear plan to stay organized, and with guidance to remain present and relaxed through the holiday rush.

Develop healthy habits.

Take excellent care of yourself, use your energy wisely, and meditate daily so you can make more mindful choices in all areas of life.


Indulge joyfully and deliberately.

Indulge mindfully, with beautiful meals and desserts your whole family will love, so your celebrations are better aligned with your values.

Savor the sweet moments.

Holiday magic is real. It comes in the form of fleeting moments that make the season special. Maintain the presence of mind to appreciate them fully.

Process the past year.

Let's be honest. 2020 has been challenging. In this course, we'll reflect on that, take extra good care of ourselves, and enter 2021 in a positive frame of mind.

Get a head start.

This January, you'll be closer -- not further -- from your health and wellness goals. And we'll set intentional resolutions to make your dreams a reality in 2021.




Plant-Based Holiday Recipes

Delicious, festive recipes to nourish you and your loved ones on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah & Christmas

Lessons on Cultivating Calm

Meditation lessons to keep you balanced, and methods for staying organized to reduce stress

Community & Support

An online community for encouragement, Q&A, and meeting likeminded new friends

Nourishing Recipes for Ordinary Days

Quick, comforting recipes to support your well-being on hectic days & evenings

Mental & Emotional Coaching

Advice and mindset preparation for challenging social situations

Meaningful Holiday Gift Guide

Early access to my time-saving list of ethical gifts for everyone on your list

Winter Solstice Rituals

Self-examination practices to do alone or with friends on nature's special holiday

Intentional Resolution Setting

Methods for assessing your goals and creating a clear plan to achieve them


Who is this course for?

Healthier Holidays Survival Guide was designed for people who:

  • Usually dash through the holidays, reserving little energy or free time to enjoy them
  • Want to learn to prepare healthier plant-based meals for themselves and their loved ones
  • Wish to create holiday traditions better aligned with their values
  • Would love to develop their own daily meditation practice but haven't had much success on their own
  • Need some time-saving help with meaningful gift ideas for everyone on their list
  • Find hosting holiday gatherings to be stressful
  • Are naturally inclined to put everyone else's needs before their own
  • Tend to be completely exhausted, a few pounds heavier, and in need of a major detox when January rolls around

A Gift to Yourself

This is an investment in living your best life, and in making this holiday season the most meaningful, enjoyable one you've had in many years.

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