Tropical Berry Smoothie

Everyone loves a yummy smoothie, especially at this time of year when the weather is hot, you're caving something light and refreshing, and we're smack in the middle of fruit season.

You can make this one for breakfast, as a post-workout protein drink, or as a healthy snack to get you through the mid-afternoon slump.

Adding protein powder is optional. I really enjoy Vega Sport Performance Protein in Vanilla for this particular recipe, because it adds flavor and makes it a bit creamier,...

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Chickpea Popcorn

If you like to munch on something savory and salty without resorting to junk food, this healthy snack is for you.

Chickpea Popcorn is a fun name for chickpeas sautéed with spices until they are golden and maybe even a little crunchy, depending on your preference. They make an awesome, wholesome snack food that you can pop into your mouth by the handful.

There are several different ways to make Chickpea Popcorn, but I like the method I describe below, because it's quick,...

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Applesauce Bars

A Sweet Treat

I'm going to be straight up-front with you on this. Although by most standards it's still not very much, this recipe contains more sugar than I usually include in my baked goods. I suppose I was feeling decadent when I developed this recipe.

So enjoy these Applesauce Bars as a dessert, or snack with afternoon tea, or even for weekend brunch. They are delicious. But please regard them as an occasional treat, and remember that just because something is "vegan," doesn't...

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